Charleston/Folly Beach, SC 

Nov. 30 - Dec. 2, 2012

What is a Waddle?

Since 1996, basset hound lovers from across the Carolinas and beyond, have converged on the Charleston, SC area to celebrate their love of basset hounds and their support for Carolina Basset Hound Rescue (

Year after year, our biggest annual fund raiser has grown with participants, activities, and sponsorships.  The rapid growth of fans on our website ( and Facebook page has only accelerated this movement.

The grand finale of this action packed weekend of yappy hours, meet and greets, auctions, dinners, and pageants, is our presence in the famed, Charleston Christmas parade.  Basset hounds as far as the eye can see, followed by “pooped pup” trucks, continue to fascinate the crowd and has become a favorite of parade attendees of all ages! 

If you are one that would like a little holiday at the beach, while helping out abandoned basset hounds in need, check out the details on this website!

A fully recognized 501(c)3 organization

Questions:  email or call (864) 907-4735

The 16th Annual 
CBHR Waddle
is coming to town...

Registration is now OPEN!

About the Waddle Logo

For the past couple of years, CBHR has auctioned off the honor of being the model for this fun artwork created by the founder of Dogs for the Paws, Missy Johnson.

We would like to introduce these two handsome hounds that definitely left an everlasting paw print on not only their families hearts but those that were blessed to meet them.


Sullie Malta (left): Sullie came to CBHR from a SC shelter with the name "Dipstick" when he was around 5 years old. He was a lovable goofball who provided his mom with lots of funny stories to share with his CBHR family. He loved to climb and would perch himself on the toilet so he could watch his bath water being run. He once got a hold of some thread and tied his tongue to the kitchen table while his mom was at work. Another time he grabbed a dead squirrel during a walk and tried to protect it from the other hounds by pressing it up against his mom's leg. Sullie went to the Bridge last year at the age of 11, but he will be loved and remembered forever by his mom and CBHR family.


Denver Snyder (right): Rescued in June of 2000 from the Chatham County NC animal shelter with almost no hair simply due to terrible allergies and continuous scratching.  He was heartworm positive, smelly, and terribly flea infested.  She still remembers the look of "GET ME OUT OF HERE" as he came squealing around the corner like a car on two instead of four wheels.  Once outside of the shelter, this smelly, dirty, flaky boy hopped right into her car, licked her, laid his head on her arm and with his big brown eyes told her to drive, and fast. This sweet boy knew that he was now safe.  After weeks of treatment for his heartworm disease and many sudsy, medicated bathes he was beginning to resemble the charming dog she saw in his eyes that first day.  From that day throughout Denver's entire life he was a character with so much spirit; sometimes a bit too much.  If she didn't get the refrigerator door completely shut he knew how to open it back up, use his teeth to open the vegetable drawer, and help himself to "his" carrots, even at age 14!  We all love well-trained dogs, but sometimes the stinkers with so much spirit and life really do capture our hearts the most.  That was Denver.  He was demanding, spirited, and loved her passionately until the day he died at almost 15 years of age.  Fly free sweet boy, you will be forever remembered.